About Lidia

Lidia Rauch is the founder of Bloom Enterprise.  After eight years in professional politics, she decided to enter the world of social entrepreneurship.

She obtained her degree in Psychology and Political Science, as well as her postgraduate diploma in HIV/AIDS Management from the University of Stellenbosch. Lidia also holds a master’s degree in Inclusive Innovation from the University of Cape Town. The research topic of her qualitative study was ‘Building an inclusive South African society: The position of young, white Afrikaans speaking women’.

Lidia is currently writing a book about racial equity and the role that white South Africans can play in the realisation thereof.

She has held various leadership positions in her life, locally and globally. From serving as the Primaria of her residence at Stellenbosch University to the International Federation of Liberal Youth’s Regional Bureau member for Africa.

Lidia loves working with diverse groups, where difference is embraced, and fresh thinking is produced.

She is an accredited facilitator and coach of the Thinking Environment and uses the Thinking Environment methodology and principles in every aspect of her work. Lidia believes that only by creating spaces to think for ourselves, as our authentic selves, will we be able to transform the way we understand the world and our place within it.

She works with teams, groups and individuals. Lidia creates space for her clients to have the courage to ask the incisive questions we need to ask ourselves about our place in the world, to show up as our authentic selves, and to embark on a journey of real transformation.

Lidia currently lives in Johannesburg. She enjoys thinking about current affairs and its impact on the world, traveling to interesting places and spending time with loved ones.


Dominic Gaobepe, Cohesion Collective Managing Director 

I’ve had the pleasure to engage and work with Lidia in various organisations to drive conversations and rollout programmes for equality, diversity and inclusion. She’s a person who is candid and transparent regarding her own vices and blindspots within anti-racism work and thus maintains an awareness and reflective attitude of continuous learning. It is this character that puts her on a firm path of growth and authenticity in her work.
Her unique background provides her with an ability to engage effectively and respectfully with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and world views. She has an exciting path ahead as she seeks to combat injustice within our society and connect people to a higher cause of recognising & being loyal to our common humanity.

Trisha Lord, Thinking Environment Global Faculty, Facilitator & Coach

I have had the enormous pleasure of following and walking alongside Lidia’s journey from first meeting her as an aspiring young leader with political ambition, to the powerful visionary she is today.

Lidia’s dream for truth and reconciliation, particularly through the acute lens of her own personal lineage, coupled with her courageous whole-hearted belief in healing and transformation will produce an extraordinary and liberating opportunity for the people who engage in her programmes and participate on her platform.
Lidia’s passion for her project is infectious, her capacity to articulate it is captivating, her impact is inspirational, I continue to follow with bated breath…

Nolwazi Mthembu, Buzz Operations Manager

Lidia’s professionalism and beautiful spirit combined has created such a refreshing, safe space during our team sessions. She allows us to think for ourselves and totally submit ourselves to the process of building our team in order to achieve success within the business, and our lives.

Lidia creates an atmosphere that not only allows for me to naturally express my thoughts and challenges, but also find solutions in order for me to progress.
I really appreciate the sessions we have had with her. I am looking forward to the next one.

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